St. Michael’s Episcopal Church Demolition underway in Gainesville, Florida


Posted: Thu 7:12 PM, Dec 27, 2018, |

Updated: Fri 6:45 PM, Dec 28, 2018

The fate of St Michael’s Episcopal Church in NW Gainesville was undecided since it last closed its doors in 2016.

Now the church is being torn down ahead of a meeting that would have discussed it’s preservation.

The waiting game is over for some Gainesville residents challenging the owners and a potential developer about what was to become of the old St Michael’s Episcopal Church building.

A community group named Gainesville Modern had a vision of preserving it.

“Unfortunately, this work of architecture could have easily been converted to a number of uses. It could have continued to be a church, it could have been a great performance hall,” Morris Hylton, Gainesville Modern President, said.

The church owners, the Episcopal Diocese of Florida announced the removal of the building calling it an “eyesore” in a statement saying: “The building has fallen into serious disrepair, is structurally unsound with extensive wood rot, and has become home for a variety of rodents.”

“I spent twenty years accessing buildings, that building was very sound,” Hylton said.