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Gainesville Modern has partnered with WUFT and their Greater Good series highlighting nonprofit organizations working in North Central Florida. The premiere is tonight, April 29th at 8:30 PM on WUFT-TV. Past President Jenn Garrett and Treasurer Mike Hastings discuss the history of Gainesville Modern, the popular Mid-Century Modern Home Tour and their latest project- a virtual tour of 7 area homes with interviews of their owners “A Tour From Home.” 

Gainesville Modern celebrates city’s mid-century boom

By McKenna Beery / Correspondent

Posted Mar 21, 2019, at 6:33 PM

Marty Hylton doesn’t think a growing city means replacing all historic buildings, rather celebrating them and reusing them to meet new needs.

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Morris Hylton III: Modern buildings show Gainesville’s spirit of innovation

By Morris Hylton III / Special to The Sun Posted at 2:00 AM

From the screen-clad Federal Courthouse and Post Office to the contemporary modern buildings being erected at Innovation Square, Gainesville has a tradition of design creativity that spans from the postwar era to today.

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Opening Doors to a Past Era Gainesville Modern /ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN Written by Monica Humpries

Colista Swartz remembers biking past a house with a bright orange front door every day in college at the University of Florida. Thirty years later, she stepped inside the house because of Gainesville Modern. “I finally got to see all the little secrets that you could only imagine from the road,” Swartz, 50, said.

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Morris Hylton III: Celebrate Gainesville’s architectural heritage By Morris Hylton III / Special to The Sun

Posted Feb 8, 2019, at 12:01 AM Updated Feb 8, 2019, at 2:25 PM

Every city has a period of time that defines its built environment and architectural character. For Gainesville, that moment was the mid-20th century

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Morris Hylton III:
Destroying history – the demolition of St. Michaels church

Feb 11, 2019, at 12:01 AM Updated Feb 8, 2019, 

St. Michael’s Episcopal Church opened 43 years ago on Christmas Eve. Located at the corner of Northwest 23rd Avenue and 43rd Street, many Gainesville residents knew the church from worshiping there, listening to concerts in the acoustically superior sanctuary,

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St. Michael’s Episcopal Church demolition underway in Gainesville

Feb 11, 2019, at 12:01 AM Updated Feb 8, 2019, 

The fate of St Michael’s Episcopal Church in NW Gainesville was undecided since it last closed its doors in 2016. Now the church is being torn down ahead of a meeting that would have discussed its preservation.

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Gainesville’s Historic Preservation Board Wants to Save St. Michael’s Episcopal Church

By Karly Wallace

November 19, 2018 Development

Since the St. Michael’s Episcopal Church closed in 2013, developers have been eager to raze the structure and build on the land. Gainesville’s Historic Preservation Board, however, may add the building to the Local Register for Historic Places and rescue it from demolition.

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WUFT’s Greater Good Series Highlighting Gainesville Modern May 2022.